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Set Your Personal Keyboards

Swift Key

Set Your Own Keyboard

Recently, Photo Keyboard more popular compared to the system keyboards because of system keyboard have limited features, as well as their own Constraint, depend on Company policy.

Now people can passionating about updating, existing functionality to create additional characteristics moreover user-friendly. That's why to create PHOTO KEYBOARD!

Swype Swype
Swype Key

Reset Your Fancy Keyboard

The Photo Keyboard gives a users flexibility, like a create the multiple standard settings as the same time means bundle Example like a We can store multiple layouts of the keyboard at the moment through the Preferences and setting option.

Will display associated custom settings on your Keyboard area.


We Provide Some Extraordinary Features.


Set Your Perfect WallPaper

Photo Keyboard have the powerfull option is auto-correction as well as the user-oriented interface. It supports the wide variation of themes and provides a latest free wallpaper like simple background, texture background etc.

The main extraordinary features to set our appropriate look like set the background from the gallery and capturing the recent image. Above features used on the keyboard, look to enhance and work with fun.

Using original Colour, Light Colour, Dark Colour, Multiple Bench of gradient colours and latest patterns for keyboard background.

Key Design

Put Your Fancy Key Designs

We have provided lots of corner styles like square, round, etc. Very high level of colours for swift key foreground like pink, sea green, blue etc.

1) Giving border styles like the various point of thickness, multicolour frame etc.
2)Provide a shadow and starting to end transparency effects on the key of a keyboard.

It is an amazing functionality with different colours & effect depends on Background.

Font Style

Manage Your Smart Typing

We can diversify the font and presenting look very professional like:-

1) Serif Type Styles like an American Typewriter, Lora-Bold, Transitional style etc.
2) Sans Serif Type Styles Ribbon, Geometric etc.
3) Script Type Styles Formal, Casual, DoppiaLinea etc.
4) Decorative Sketchnote Square, Grunge etc.

We provide the various style of font used for professionally writing as well as funny style for chatting application with the different effect.

Sound Effect

Make Your Lyrical Work

We bore for the original voice of key replace by the sound effect on the keypress and our typing work make a musically. In our app, we give a very long list of the sound effect like Blackout-Midnight, Capsuula, DoppiaLinea etc.


Show all screenshots in step by step.


We Offers Very Affordable Prices

Ad Free

$ 0.99 /Lifetime
  • Remove Ads


$ 0.99 /Lifetime
  • 20 Textual & Color Background


$ 0.99 /Lifetime
  • 5 Theme Slots


$ 0.99 /Lifetime
  • 10 Colors


$ 0.99 /Lifetime
  • 10 Sounds


$ 1.99 /Lifetime
  • 15 Fonts

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